Why should you build a house?
  • You have land or a lot that you want to build on.
  • You have needs in a house that are outside of the normal “cookie-cutter” plans normally found.
  • You want a more energy efficient house built with high standards of construction.
  • You don’t have extra money to spend on repairs or remodeling You want to build your own dream home with all aspecs individulized to exactly your own taste.
  • You want to know how your house is built and have a warranty from a service oriented company.
  • You want to be active in building your dream home, adding personalized touches.
  • You want to get the most for your money by controlling the cost and selections with full transparency.
How long will the construction take to build your home?

Actual Construction time varies based on many factors such as weather, size of your home, and type of foundation. Most houses are completed within four months of the contract signing. We won’t rush the quality of construction, so some sites require longer construction times than others.